A Hulk, a Picard, and a Longshot

A ship on dark waters

Chuck Wendig set the challenge on his blog this week to write a mini flash fiction–only 100 words. Here, for your enjoyment, is “A Hulk, a Picard, and a Longshot.”

Without my ocularia, I couldn’t see the sand, but my feet told me it littered the floor. It was cold and gritty against my bare soles, and I could hear the sound of grains rasping against the tile as I dragged my bruised ankle. We’d hidden too long, and now he was here—Father. But, I had gotten Semper aboard the picard. I expected a difficult voyage for her. The door exploded inward, wood cracking against the hinges. A strong wind? No, I sensed his hulk. Relieved, I eased myself onto the uninviting tiles, and his shadow fell.